Top Destinations for Disabled Travellers

accessible holidays abroad - woman on beach in a wheelchair
Having a disability should not curb dreams of travelling the world and in many ways, in today’s world it does not. However this does not cover up the simple truth that some destinations around the world make things easier for disabled travellers. This article focuses on some of the top destinations renowned for making things that little bit easier.
Many British folk’s dream destination for an amazing adventure lies across the pond in America and Canada. Fortunately for those with special needs and disabilities there are few destinations better geared for disabled travel than North America. San Francisco – perhaps the most cosmopolitan and ‘European’ of America’s great cities has made a mockery of its hilly geography and made getting around a piece of cake for those in wheelchairs. Taxis are equipped with ramps and charge no extra for their use, which makes reaching all local destinations easy and affordable. Even the short ferry trip across to Alcatraz is perfectly comfortable, as the ferry benefits from ramps and accessible bathrooms while a special transport shuttle can drop you right at the infamous cell blocks.
Seattle is another must visit US city – this time in the north and can be combined with a visit to Canada. Seattle recently achieved the number 1 slot in a survey of the Top Most Wheelchair Accessible Cities in the United States. Whether you choose to whizz about on the light rail network, city buses, taxis or ferries they all feature ramps! A visit to Pike Place market is an absolute must. In terms of other options, Disneyworld is fabulously accessible for family fun and the National Parks nearly all have great facilities and access.
The UK
Okay, so you’re already here, I get it – what is the point of holidaying at home, you might say! However, with the pound struggling a little, some of us might rather save the expense of exchanging currency and besides, the UK is fantastic for accessible and exciting travel experiences. Two incredible attractions that have garnered acclaim for accessible travel in London are The Eden Project in Cornwall and the Science Museum in London. The Eden Project is an unbelievable experience with great family entertainment and the fact that it is in beautiful Cornwall offers the chance to combine it with relaxing at one of the area’s many accessible beaches. This fabulous site also provides great information of the many accessible scenic walks on offer in the area. London, meanwhile offers a wealth of accessible experiences and there are a host of sites, such as this one that provide superb information as to the many things to do that are appropriate for disabled travellers, other than the wonderful Science Museum.
France is not only a beautiful country with great food and wine, but across the country there are some stunning gites and hotels that cater specifically for disabled travellers, making it possible to organize fantastic holidays from single locations to multi-centred vacations. Provence is a superb option and there are some exceptional options of accommodation from people who know how to run accessible holiday homes.
Spain is a great country to visit for many reasons – the wonderful food that is not only delicious and diverse but usually incredibly reasonable too; the delicious wines and beautiful, friendly people and the excellent weather. In addition there are some truly stunning cities like Barcelona with its Gaudi architecture and charming Ramblas to explore. In the south, you can choose from Cordoba with its curb-less streets that are pretty free from traffic (but wheelchair users may need some help), Malaga with its beaches and seafood delicacies and Granada with its sprawling ancient Alhambra fortress. Spain is generally very good for accessible travel and there are many bespoke packages on offer.