The Benefits of Adjustable Mobility Beds
John Hinds
Post Date:
February 23, 2018

Once restricted to the likes of hospitals and specialist clinics, adjustable beds are now a mainstay of many homes, for people with mobility issues, older people and those with back pain, postural issues or circulatory disorders. Of course you can find many of the benefits of adjustable beds applicable to you even if you don’t suffer from any of these issues.

If you find yourself considering the idea of purchasing an adjustable bed then this article aims to highlight some of the most common ways in which it could benefit you and improve your quality of life.

Ease of getting in and out of bed

The idea of asking for help getting in and out of bed, or moving to adjust your position or pillow can feel a bit demeaning for many with mobility issues and can have a detrimental impact on mental health. Adjustable mobility beds can help boost independence in this regard and restore the freedom and confidence to move in bed without assistance. There are even split adjustable beds on the market that allow one person to move independently without disturbing their partner.


The boost in comfort an adjustable bed can offer compared to a standard bed can be dramatic. Adjustable beds contour to your body, helping you to keep your spine in a neutral shape. This postural shift can help provide a comfortable sleep, while bringing relief to certain important pressure points and helping you to feel better when you wake up after a lengthy period lying down.

Helps with snoring and breathing

By subtly elevating the head using the remote control that comes with your adjustable bed you can prevent the narrowing of the airways that occurs when you lie flat, to reduce the risk of snoring, improve your breathing and for asthma sufferers, reduce the risk of an attack. With the oxygen flowing more freely you will suffer from less disturbed sleeps and feel renewed in the morning.

Back pain relief

Back pain is the most common kind of pain suffered in the UK and one of the top 3 reasons for visiting your GP. As we spend more time in our beds than in any other one location the bed is an incredibly important feature of our lives. An adjustable bed allows us to ever so slightly elevate the feet, which reduces the pressure on our spines, helping that all important lumber area to relax, which can significantly reduce back pain.

Help with circulation

One of the biggest benefits of an adjustable bed is the prospect of helping with any circulation issues or swelling to the legs that you may suffer from. Swollen legs especially are usually caused by poor blood flow, which can be helped by subtle elevation of the legs during your sleep. This can be achieved via the remote control of your adjustable bed.

With a price range between £400 and £8000, there is a great amount of choice when it comes to finding the right adjustable mobility bed for you, so it is well worth spending some time researching the options before making the all important decision.

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