Mobility Hoists Improve Accessibility
John Hinds
Post Date:
September 26, 2018

In the dark days, when mobility hoists were merely the sparkle in an inventor?s eye, the task of assisting disabled, bariatric and elderly people in completing their daily routines was not something that you?d wish to experience. The basic, fundamental daily tasks such as taking a bath, going to bed or getting up the stairs would more often than not have required the presence and physical aid of a dedicated carer. This meant that such people had very poor accessibility to many of the places that most of us take for granted, while rendering dignity and privacy a sad and distant memory. So with the advent of mobility lifts, we have seen the elderly and disabled people amongst us enjoy a more convenient and comfortable life.

The invention of the various mobility hoists on the market have changed all that, not least the bath hoist, which has proved invaluable in redelivering a sense of privacy and dignity in many people across the developed world.

The compact design of many bath hoists or lifts on the market, enables them to be fitted in bathrooms with limited space and allows everyone to enjoy a private moment soaking in the bath, from the elderly and inflexible to those with more severe mobility issues. There are so many different types of hoists and lifts that should be investigated prior to making a decision as each model will suit a different person?s needs in a unique way ? and of course there are models for all manner of budgets.

For those with very severe mobility issues, the bath hoist is probably the way forward as it will benefit those who can?t raise their legs to swivel into the bath.

This is usually a more expensive proposition, however, with prices ranging from ?1,500 to ?4,000. With such a piece of equipment the bather must sit in the seat, which is then raised up and turned around so that it?s over the bath. The bather is then lowered, still seated into the bath. The whole process is reversed when it?s time to get out! Ingenious, really. This type of hoist required professional installation.

As with all hoists and lifts, if a part is subject to wear, tear or breakage then there are companies out there who provide spares to order online, which is a major plus point.

Travel (or mobile) hoists

Of course, it?s all well and good having a home kitted out with various hoists to enable mobility challenged people to add enhanced accessibility to their daily lives, but everyone needs to travel and that?s where folding travel hoists can come in handy. Weighing as little as 25 kg (those with removable batteries) travel car hoists can genuinely earn their place as a member of the family, such is their tremendous functionality and the manner in which they open up doors to opportunities that just wouldn?t have existed prior to their availability.

Excellent for wheelchair users, who can now be seated and placed in baths and beds comfortably in hotels and other accommodation from their neighbouring town to across the world ? the travel hoist usually comes with a travel case to keep it safe in the hold of an aeroplane! Travel hoists are easy to dismantle and fold, facilitating swift transitions between packing and travelling. They also fold up pretty small, which is great for fitting them in the boot of your car. The travel hoist has also made patient transfers much easier for carers and hospitals alike.

A travel hoist will likely set you back in the region of ?2,000.

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