Mobility Bathrooms and Showers

easy access bathroom with shower and toiletBathrooms

There is no denying the simple but powerful pleasure of slipping into a steaming hot bath, drizzling that luxurious oil in the water and reclining, inhaling the delightful aromas and easing those tired, aching limbs, letting your cares slip away like clouds over a mountain on a windy day. Or perhaps you prefer the invigorating, life affirming sensations a hot or cold shower can bring. Whichever is your preference, the pleasure can turn so quickly to pain if you slip when getting in or out of your bath or shower. Thankfully there are some amazing products supplied by Companion Bathing that are specially designed to help you bathe and shower, safe in the knowledge that the risks have been considerably reduced at a very reasonable price.

The Easy Bathing Range from Companion

Companion Bathing’s range of products has been thoughtfully and intelligently designed and planned to help customers bring a sense of comfort, ease and safety to their bathing and showering experience. You will find a whole host of stylish and accessible walk-in baths and showers, with a variety of options tailored to suit your bathroom, decor and budget.

Easy Access Showers

Companion Bathing offer a stunning range of easy access showers that offer style, comfort and safety without ever compromising on any of these essential characteristics. You will be sure to find the right easy access shower for your bathroom and with the help of one of our specialist surveyors you will be able to get the right advice to ensure you end up with the right shower for your particular needs. You will find that contrary to popular perception there is no need for an easy access shower and a touch of luxury not to come together.

Wet Rooms

Wet rooms can offer people with mobility issues the ultimate solution to bathing and can restore a massive portion of one’s intimacy and dignity in all manner of ways. For people looking for wheelchair access or those in need of showering solutions that do not include a step-in tray, wet rooms will be the perfect choice. With a completely level access showering area and a wide range of screen and door finishes, you can future proof your bathroom without having to compromise on style or space. Wet rooms will often future proof your bathroom and as you will find out with Companion Bathing they can look incredibly sleek and stylish at the same time.

Walk-In Baths

All Companion Bathing walk-in baths have been developed to provide a bathing solution that is stylish, practical and easy to use. They have a comprehensive range, each benefiting from unique characteristics to make them perfect for a variety of personal needs and room configurations. They have walk-in baths with powered seats, a compact option for smaller bathrooms and baths that have lower, contoured seats for enhanced flexibility when seated or standing. All are easy to use and can integrate perfectly, both aesthetically and functionally with all manner of bathroom configurations.