Lifts and Handling

Lifting and Handling

When a disability results in mobility limitations, hoists, slings and stair lifts can make a huge difference to improving daily life. Manual and electric lifts and handling equipment can provide a mechanical means by which a less able person to be moved to another location or position with ease.

bath hoists for care homes and hospitals

Hoists and slings

You may require a hoist when the act of moving puts you or the person looking after you at risk. A hoist can be static or mobile and is usually a strong metal frame, with an attached sling or chair, this type of equipment is capable of lifting a person from one place to another. A car hoist can be used to lift someone in and out of a car or lift their wheelchair or mobility scooter out of the vehicle.

mobility hoists and slings
Hoists can be manually operated, with a hand pump or winding mechanism, or electronic, driven by a battery or power pack, and can be utilised for a variety of purposes, including getting in and out of the bath. It is important to keep in mind the space required to move and turn the hoist, and your chosen design must be able to lift your bodyweight safely.

You should also consider the design of your sling as having the correct sling is the key to comfort and safety. Choosing the right fabric is vital, for example, net is used for bathing slings as it allows water to drain away and can be washed easily. It is also possible to order custom made slings for a person with a particular set of needs.

Bath Hoists

When mobility is an issue a bath hoist can be the perfect way to maintain your independence and make life easier when you bathe. Bath hoists can be used in domestic settings, care homes, hospitals, hydrotherapy pools, children’s homes and any other setting where they could be utilised.

Stair lifts

Climbing the stairs can be extremely challenging for a person with restricted mobility, being a particular risk area for falls and serious accidents. However, rather than restricting yourself to one level of the house, advancements in technology have seen a rise in innovative solutions, which provides access to all areas.

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From manually operated stair climbers to electric seated, standing and perched stair lifts, there is a number options available. Many of which come with a variety of safety features including; an on/off key switch, safety sensors and an emergency stop button.

To remain safe in an electric stair lift it is vital that the operator has reasonable body strength and stability, and their weight does not exceed 25 stone (160kg).