How to choose an easy access shower

easy access bathroom with shower and toilet
When mobility poses a problem, what may seem like a simple task is made much more difficult, this is where easy access showers are very useful. They allow you to maintain your independence, privacy and above all easily enjoy your downtime.
Level access showers, mobility showers and, indeed, mobility wet rooms are ideal if you suffer with severe mobility issues as you won’t require a bath hoist to help you in and out.
Specially designed for individuals with limited mobility, easy access showers can incorporate a range of safety features from folding seats to cool touch showers, slip resistant shower trays, safety grab bars and even ultra-low thresholds, each designed to ensure tasks like showering can be completed with a much lower risk of slipping or falling.
Wet rooms – sometimes referred to as walk-through showers – offer an ideal solution for wheelchair users or individuals with limited mobility. Wet room bathrooms eradicate the need for shower doors and traditional shower trays, allowing you to easily and safely get in and out of your shower.
With many easy access showers and wet rooms available on the market there is ample choice for you to find the ideal mobility shower to aid you, with lots of free advice online to help.