The word equipment covers a lot! When talking about specialist mobility equipment it can cover anything from manual wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs to mobility scooters, as well as lifts, car hoists, bath hoists and handling equipment, seating and positioning aids, powerchairs and much more.

Over the years each piece of equipment has been specially designed by engineers, with the support of disabled people, to significantly improve quality of life, giving a renewed sense of independence and accessibility, and giving a welcome boost to general wellbeing.

In today’s market, there is a growing assortment of specialist mobility equipment available to choose from. Here at My Mobility Guide, we understand the importance all this equipment can make to you, and with such a large array of mobility tackle available, each with a perplexing variety of different features, advantages and disadvantages, not to mention the costs, it can be extremely difficult to find the correct equipment to match your personal needs.