Car Hoists

Many disabilities leave people restricted to where they can go and when. A very disheartening situation to be in, not to mention frustrating. Thankfully, every day new equipment and developments are being made to get you more active and give you the freedom you deserve.

Car hoists for wheelchairs and mobility scooters

mobility scooter hoists - car hoist for disability scooters

One particular product that can make a huge difference is the car hoist. Getting in and out of the car can be the most frustrating part of any journey if you are less abled but thanks to these it makes day-to-day journeys more bearable. To view our previously written article on hoists that aid manoeuvring from your wheelchair to the car (and back).

If you use a mobility scooter, getting this in and out of the car can be a separate challenge. Advancements in engineering and design mean hoists are now capable of lifting all types of mobility equipment, even these cumbersome scooters.

car hoist for wheelchairs

As with personal hoists, there is a range available, each designed to effortlessly load and unload equipment ranging from manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs mobility scooters to and from a vehicle.

Which is best for me

This all depends on what equipment you have, the size of it, the size (and type) of your vehicle and how much support you need when moving yourself.

Two-way hoists are ideal if you only need to move a lighter manual wheelchair or small mobility scooter. They are capable of lifting the chair up and down using an electric motor. They are then swung in to the back of the vehicle. This part may prove a challenge to some but not if you have support from a carer.

If you have a larger powered mobility scooter then a four-way hoist will be a better option as this removes the need to manually swing it round.

As with the two-way hoist, the electric motor lifts the scooter but will now also power it round in to the back of the vehicle, all with the touch of a button. Both the two and four-way hoists rely on being coupled up to the car’s battery.

As you would expect, lifting capacity varies between different hoists. Capabilities of these hoists for lifting range from between 40kg and 80kg for small, lightweight scooters and wheelchairs, whilst more heavy-duty variants can lift up to 200kg.

Alternatives to a hoist

Car Hoists are easy to use and diverse but they are not always the best solution. A folding mobility scooter is another option as they are lightweight enough to lift into the car boot.

As with all mobility equipment, we highly recommend you purchase from a supplier affiliated with the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) to ensure you are getting advice and guidance from a business that has agreed to the BHTA Code of Practice and will not pressure sell.

If you have experience in using these hoists, we would love to hear from you. Maybe you can share your story to help others. Get in touch here.