Power Drives

Power drives
Pushing a wheelchair is never easy, requiring strength and energy, it can be extremely tiring for a user or carer. Add-on systems now exist, such as power drives which offer assisted pushing power for the person in control of a manual wheelchair.
Power drives are an electronic or battery powered system which can be added onto manual wheelchairs, giving users more power and freedom. Most of these devices are easy to attach and detach and come with automatic breaking systems, to ensure safety when travelling downhill.

Most variants are attached to the rear of the wheelchair and have either single or dual wheels which run along the ground, and can run through tough terrain including grass, mud and carpet. Usually powered by batteries or by electrical means, most drives are designed to run for long periods of time, for increased range. However, when eventually out of power they can be easily recharged, with some even built with an adaptor for charging batteries in the car.

Wheel drives are another option, these systems can be easily mounted onto virtually any manual wheelchair model and can be removed or switched off at any time. Add-on wheel drives provide power assistance and make self-propelling easier, giving users the ability to determine speed and the level of support.