Welcome to My Mobility Guide!

An exciting new website aiming to be your ‘go to’ guide for everything mobility.

Established in 2020, it’s early days at At My Mobility, but our mission is to develop an interesting and informative website appealing to a wide variety of people including the disabled, carers, parents and chronic illness sufferers, amongst others. As a group they are a huge ‘forgotten’ part of society and deserve to be able to access information from one simple to use platform.

I am so pleased to be a part of My Mobility.

I became disabled 5 years ago following a spontaneous spinal fracture which has left me with quite severe mobility needs and chronic pain so I am very excited to be part of this project.

After my fracture, I found there was a vast amount that I needed to learn about my newly acquired disability; such as finding my way through the medical side of my recovery, on how to adapt to a ‘new’ disabled life, how to find a new accessible home, getting the right adaptations done, to how to pick the right Motability car and how to start living and travelling as a disabled person.

Like everyone else, I looked for websites for help and for support and found many places for information but I dreamt of finding everything in one place and it’s for this reason that I am so excited about being a part of MyMobility.

As an ex-teacher, I have always enjoyed writing; I used to be a Head of Languages in a large secondary school and enjoyed creating stories and articles and so after my fracture, I began writing a blog called TopladyTalks to chart my progress back to recovery. Becoming instantly catapulted into the fog and uncertainty of a disabled world was scary and unsettling and I started writing to reach out to other disabled people for help, support and knowledge as I didn’t know who to turn to. Since then, I’ve written guest posts on many disabilty websites and also have written articles published on Disabilty Horizons, the HuffPost, WalesOnline and Scope.

I hope you find this site useful and informative. Feel free to contact me if you have any helpful information that can be shared.OUR BLOG