A Brief Guide to Car Hoists for Mobility Scooters
John Hinds
Post Date:
September 4, 2018

Mobility scooters are an exceptional way for people with all sorts of disabilities and inconveniences to get out and about and continue their daily lives, but on those occasions where a longer journey is necessary anyone with a mobility scooter will probably be more than well versed with the difficulties of getting their scooter into the car. Fortunately there are many solutions to this issue that are not only affordable but easy to use and implement.

Before we go on to look at the most convenient and affordable options to those with a mobility scooter, it is worth mentioning that it is possible to replace your traditional mobility scooter (or add to it) with a folding model, often referred to as a boot scooter. While, of course this is more costly, it is a very efficient way of making your scooter easily transportable. Another non-hoist option is a telescopic ramp. Such ramps can can be pulled out to the correct size when required, and then folded up into a compact package to fit in the boot.

Car hoists

In terms of hoists that lift your scooter into the boot you have several types from two way hoists and four way hoists to six way hoists and telescopic hoists. Let?s look at them in turn.

Two way hoists:

These are usually more suited to lighter wheelchairs and scooters. They are powered up and down but require a push by hand to manoeuvre the scooter or chair into the boot.

Four-way hoists:

Such hoists not only manoeuvre the car vertically up and down, but also swing the scooter into the car. These hoists are better if you are likely to park on a steep incline or hill for obvious reasons! They can also function with almost all vehicles and all sizes and weights of scooters and chairs.

Six-way hoists:

These hoists take flexibility and manoeuvrability even further as the swinging arm is telescopic and moves in and out under power. This gives you even more scope for movement when picking up and putting down the scooter.

Telescopic hoists:

There is a fully telescopic hoist on the market that will pick up the scooter and load it into your boot with one smooth movement, for ultimate convenience.


When using a hoist you will need someone who can use both hands to use the hoist as well as be able to stand with limited support while hooking on the scooter. Sometimes (especially with four way hoists) you need to get used to positioning the scooter in exactly the right place on the hoist for it to work properly, which can take some practice. Also, it is very worth noting that most suppliers will have a range of switches that are available for each model, so it is very worthwhile trying them out to see which is more convenient for your needs. For one final tip it is worth noting if you are likely to be travelling with lots of baggage, that only some hoists allow for the removal of the swinging arm, giving you more flexibility for boot space.

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